Bountiful/ Bounty-less

I was reading this excellent post from Fertile Feminism about the pernicious “Bounty lady” on postnatal wards in the UK, when something I’d been wondering about clicked.

The pack contains a few inoffensive and even useful things, certainly — Child Benefit and Child Trust Fund forms

Oh. Is that where everyone else got them? I had both my babies at home and nobody, ever, has mentioned child benefit to me, or explained how to get it. What with general new-baby blur and, in both cases, postnatal depression, it was months before I managed to get into town to an open post office, locate a form, fill it in and send off the documentation. In both cases, I lost some money because of my late application. And if I’d grown up in another country, there’s no reason why, to this day, I’d know that I was even entitled to Child Benefit.

So, I’d been thinking this was a sad state of affairs for an allegedly “universal” benefit: that it was available only to mothers who knew about it, and could manage to go through the several steps of obtaining it while dealing with a tiny baby. Turns out the reality is perhaps more bothersome: the distribution of benefits information is left to commercial interests in maternity hospitals, and not provided at all to home-birthing mothers. Why isn’t it given when you register your child’s birth, an experience that actually is universal? Hmm.


9 Responses to Bountiful/ Bounty-less

  1. Becky says:

    And isn’t homebirth quite common in the UK? At least, more common than it is in the US?

    Is it also more common among immigrant populations — i.e., those least likely to know about the Child Benefit? It’s a shame that they’re not doing more outreach about it, then.

  2. Ailbhe says:

    The health visitors here ask if you’ve got the forms when they do their first visit after you’re discharged from midwife care.

  3. Ruth Moss says:

    I don’t remember it being in my Bounty Pack, I was told about it by the community midwife.

    But yes, absolutely, it should be publicised much more widely!!

  4. Alison says:

    I’m trying to think. (I know I know) I did get the form in the bounty pack with Thomas. I think I probably downloaded it or something with Nico, because I didn’t get a bounty pack. Can’t remember though.

  5. Anji says:

    I don’t think it was in my Bounty pack (I gave birth in a birthing centre) – I think my ex’s mum got the forms for me.

  6. FertileFem says:

    It says on Bounty’s website that those having a home birth should get a pack from their midwife. I wasn’t given one but am glad for that!

  7. Nuala says:

    I was given the Bounty pack by my midwives both times – I wonder if different teams have different attitudes to them. Which reminds me, I need to send the form off for no 2.

  8. seenonflickr says:

    Those forms should absolutely be available/publicized no matter where you’re giving birth!

    I think at birth registration is a good idea!

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