Stonewall and Nestle: ethical consumerism and its discontents.

On 6th November, Stonewall‘s e-bulletin to supporters included this PS in the introductory letter from its Chief Executive, Ben Summerskill:

There was one encouraging footnote to the Jan Moir incident. Top advertisers including BT, M&S and Nestle led the way removing their advertisements from the Daily Mail website which featured the article in protest. At Stonewall we believe in ethical consumerism, supporting those businesses which support us. So if you have the chance, please switch to BT, pop into M&S or buy a Kit Kat this week!

(Note: the Jan Moir incident, for those who might have not noticed/ forgotten.)

I’d be surprised if many people reading here have never heard of the Nestle boycott. For those who haven’t, the Baby Milk Action website and the Boycott Nestle blog are a great place to start. In short, though, Nestle are among the worst offenders of artificial baby milk manufacturers for breaking international agreements and violating simple morality to undermine breastfeeding and sell expensive and risky artificial milk, in both the developed and developing worlds. Their actions, over several decades, have made them the most boycotted company in the world.

Yes, they may have requested to remove a single advert from a single piece of vile homophobic writing; this doesn’t undo their complicity in the deaths of infants. And if Stonewall think that supporters of LGBT equality care nothing for the lives of babies or for ethical consumerism in any other sphere of life, I really, really hope they’ll be disappointed. Let’s not live up to the bullshit image that queer rights is all about rich white Western gay men. We want freedom for all, including the freedom to live healthily.

Please, folks, let them know how disappointed and angry you are about this. The email address they make public is, or their phone number is on the website linked above. They also use Twitter on @stonewalluk.


2 Responses to Stonewall and Nestle: ethical consumerism and its discontents.

  1. Anji says:

    While writing to Stonewall about this latest ethical mishap, it might be worth letting them know how disappointed you are with their support of notoriously transphobic pseudojournalist Julie Bindel (they gave her an award!) while you’re at it. 🙂

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