Gude Cause Maks A Strong Arm

Today, I marched with my children in the Gude Cause suffrage commemoration procession. Pretty much everything about the event made me want to cry. It was a gathering together of so many women (and some men), old, young and everything in between, to mark how far we’ve come and how far we have to go. About 3,000 people, from a baby in a “my great-grandmother marched in 1909” tshirt to women old enough to remember the later bits of the suffrage movement, marched.

I tried to explain to Firstborn, who is four, what this was all about. A hundred years ago, I said, before your Great-Gramma was born, people didn’t let women vote. And so some people got together and worked to make sure that women got the vote, and in the end we did.

She wanted to know who said women couldn’t vote. Other women, or men? Men, mostly, because they were in charge and voted for each other. Why didn’t they just vote anyway? Because people would stop them, and not count their votes. Firstborn noted that she has already voted, for house captain at school, and that “Mummy tried to be a councillor, but the voters chose someone else.”

Then we got into a discussion about whether this was before or after the time of the dinosaurs.


2 Responses to Gude Cause Maks A Strong Arm

  1. msruthmoss says:

    Brilliant, fab explanation too. 🙂

  2. hrhpod says:

    Yes – I had a similar exchange with mine. Their ability to cut through the nonsense remains a daily joy but I do wish they came with an off switch.

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