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That’s it. My relationship with Early Learning Centre has been strained for some time  now (see previous post on the pink/blue issue), but I’ve finally decided to end it. You see, it’s the “filter by gender” thing. Yes, I know it’s been there for a while, but today I’m trying to buy a tea set for Secondborn’s second birthday, and this time, it’s personal.

“Dressing up and roleplay”
Items for girls: 118
Items for boys: 73
Items for both: 72

“Learning and books”
Items for girls: 212
Items for boys: 203
Items for both: 201

“Cars, trains and construction”
Items for girls: 81
Items for boys: 122
Items for both: 81

I particularly like the cases where “both” is fewer than the smaller of the “boys”/”girls” options. You can’t just add them together. Some of that pink stuff is so toxic it can cause penises to spontaneously drop off. And, yes, imaginative play and reading are for girls, while spatial skills are for boys.

ELC is exclusively for kids under 5. At what point, with what evidence, will people figure out that “natural” gendered preferences could be fully explained by this shit?

It’s not just them, of course. Loads of sites offer gender-filtered search, or boys’ and girls’ categories, particularly when it comes to imaginative play or dressing up toys. There’s something odd about parents/ other toy-buyers not being trusted to perpetrate gender stereotypes themselves, isn’t there? Anyway. I’m boycotting. It’s over between me and ELC, but also all those other crappy infant gender programming sites.  Boycotts’r’us.


2 Responses to Click to gender

  1. Ruth Moss says:

    Well I’m speaking to Anji re: your suggestion at MfWL… toys AND clothes.

  2. seenonflickr says:

    I haven’t had much cause to think about things like this, but now that I’m getting into the time of my life where I’m buying for kids, it’s really starting to bother me!

    Good post!

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